Tucson’s Computer Repair and Services from Advantage Mirco

Computer Diagnostics:

Diagnostics are the first step in all PC Repair Tucson and Laptop repair Tucson. That’s why any computer repair services we provide may require a thorough hardware and software diagnostic scan to ascertain the causes of not only problems you notice, but other issues that may not be readily apparent. When you bring your computer to us for repairs, we require all diagnostics fees to be paid up front. These services are highly recommended and are non-refundable.

Desktop Computer Diagnostics $49.00 minimum  (goes toward your repair)
Laptop/Netbook Diagnostics $89.00 minimum  (goes toward your repair)


Tucson Computer Repair & Computer Store Tucson:

Computer repair Tucson involve a plethora of tailored methods and procedures to provide solutions for both hardware and software problems you may be having. Cost and effectiveness of such methods may vary depending on the degree of severity and time to implement such a solution. Listed here are a few of the solutions most commonly used.

General software cleanup $89.00

· This involves deleting temporary files, adjusting startup processes and services, as well as file and environment optimization techniques. We also bring your operating sytsem and common applications up to date. This may also include installation of security software purchased through us. This includes our tune-up procedure, to make your computer run like it was new again!

Rogueware, Malware and Virus cleaning $139.00

· This solution involves a number of time consuming scan and clean methods which include, but are not limited to, the removal of rogueware, spyware, tracking cookies, adware, malware, virus’s and rootkits from your system. This may require 20 hours of scan time, and we will guarantee your system will be clean.  We will remove all of infections, not just the easy ones. Without protection, it is certain that a system connected to the internet will become heavily infected, in as little as 5 minutes.

Windows Repair Installation $139.00

· This involves the time consuming task of partially reinstalling the operating system paired with extensive infection cleanup processes. This solution is needed when a human or malicious piece of software overwrites an inordinate amount of the OS with malicious code. This can completely cripple any repair efforts and render a computer system useless. In order to repair the system to a stable work environment for repairs, some of the core operating system elements must be repaired and /or replaced. This process could clear or reset some of the custom settings in your operating system rendering applications unusable or even deleting some personal data. It is highly recommended you use localized backup methods to protect yourself against data loss in the event this type of repair is warranted.

Windows Complete OS Reinstallation

Windows 7, $139

· In certain situations when a catastrophic hardware failure occurs, or when enough of an operating system has become compromised by malicious software, a complete wipe of a hard drive, and re-installation of the operating system, may be needed.  We completely wipe the hard drive of all data, reinstall your operating system, and reinstall the systems device drivers. The we go through the necessary 10 hours of updates, to includes Windows, antivirus, Java, Adobe Acrobat and Flash.

This process removes everything from your system and reconstructs you operating system from scratch, and does not include the backup and restore of your data. This means that all applications and settings will be removed and you will be given a fresh installation of the operating system. Your settings and environment options will need to be re-instituted. Furthermore, your applications will need to be reinstalled from original media. For this reason it is our policy that in order to reinstall peripheral software and applications you must provide us with a legal source medium (i.e. original software CD or DVD) from which to install it, and any license keys that may be needed. We will reinstall all applications that were purchased from Advantage Micro Corporation.  We recommend that all clients have their own external USB hard disk for system backup. We prefer Seagate External hard disks, as they come with Seagate Disc Wizard included (OEM version of Acronis) which provides for full image backup and recovery.

Data Recovery $95.00 per hour

· In the event you have a catastrophic hard drive or operating system failure, we offer data recovery services to help you get back potentially lost or deleted data. Data recovery is an exhaustive and time consuming process that can sometimes engulf an otherwise highly skilled technician in hours of constant manual thermal attenuation or massive reworking of circuit boards and other hard disk hardware in a clean room. For this reason it is sometimes necessary to either compound, or in some instances include, our data recovery services with our other repair services. Data recovery services can range from as little as $95, and as high as several thousand dollars. Depending upon severity of you issue, we offer an inexpensive “time and materials solution” @ $95 per hour. More often that not, we are able to inexpensively recover data. This process requires a $95 minimum, and makes no guarantees.  The best solution is to make disaster recovery tucson image backups using Acronis. “Blessed is the Pessimist, for he hath made backups!”

Please Note: We cannot be held responsible for data that has been damaged or lost due to software or hardware problems you may have experienced. We also have no way of effecting the appropriate repairs if we do not have a detailed description of the problem. Please be as thorough as you can when discussing your particular issues with us. Your DATA is your responsibility! If you want to keep it, then back ,it up!

On-Site Service

Sometimes, a solution will require a technician or engineer to come to you. That’s why we offer on-site troubleshooting and support services, to help you overcome a wide range of computing issues. Sometimes, computer problems are due to environmental issues, that will only manifest on location. The services we provide include but are not limited to:

Printer Installation and Maintenance

Printer Troubleshooting & Repair

Network Installation and Maintenance

Network and Wireless Troubleshooting & Repair

Software Installation & Setup

Electrical & Environmental Analysis

File Server Installation and Configuration

Hardware & Software Technical Support

On-Site Service **$95.00 per hour

**NOTE: On-site locations may require compensation for travel expenses incurred. In some on-site issues, hardware may need to be relocated to our shop for further troubleshooting and/or repairs.

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