Advantage Micro Corporation is only Avast Distributor and Platinum Reseller in the USA for Avast Endpoint Protection Antivirus

Advantage Micro is the only avast! distributor in the USA offering comprehensive reseller tech support! 520-290-0595

If you’re looking for a top-of-the-line, trusted antivirus system, Advantage Micro Corporation is your one-stop shop for all of your computer protection needs. As an Avast Distributor and Platinum reseller, we take pride in offering this award-winning software to businesses and consumers around the nation. We are avast! Sales and Support Specialists; we are the absolute best in avast! antivirus tech support! We also Do buy & Sale, Computer Store Tucson, Computer Repair Tucson, PC Repair Tucson, Laptop Repair Tucson and computer repair services in tucson.

The Avast managed Endpoint Protection / Premium Business Security versions provide the most comprehensive protection from viruses, malware, spyware, rootkits and other threats to your computer’s safety and performance.  We also have Avast Antivirus wholesale opportunities for our resellers, and our sales and support team is ready to show you just how valuable great tech support is.  Avast! is the number 1 used and most trusted antivirus software in the world. We have 3 times more registered users than any other brand.

Computer viruses and malware are the primary source of funds for every organized crime syndicate and terrorist organization in the world. They use our infected computers against us to extort money from USA financial institutions to fund the insurgents that kill our military (our kids). 15 years ago we chose Avast antivirus when Symantec dropped the ball, and we had 20 years of clients all infected with rootkits.  Avast was the only vendor that had a provision to deal with rootkits.  They were one of a few that saw it coming! This is why we chose avast, and below, is why we are still there!

Why avast! vs. other anti-virus vendors?

Avast is 1st to develop the new technology that everyone else copies. Avast does no advertising, so all profits go back into research and development. We create the technology, the others copy it!

Avast was 1st to implement a boot-time scan (ability to scan and clean before the rootkits become memory resident)

Avast was 1st to implement effective anti-rootkit technology. In February 2003, all viruses became root kits.  All systems became infected, no matter what A/V was running. Symantec had NO idea what to do (they were caught with their pants down) The only 2 A/V companies that had a provision to deal with rootkit infection were avast! and Panda. Avast! loaded this by default where Panda required a custom install and did NOT load by default.  After 20 years of supporting Symantec, the answer became clear!

Avast was 1st to develop the AutoSandbox – Avast! executes unknown rare code (polymorphic infection) in the AutoSandbox, isolating the infection in a virtual machine.  Most A/V vendors execute this code in real time, and then try to mitigate the infection (reactive vs. proactive).

Avast was 1st with virtualization technology – the ability to run browsers in a virtualized environment for safe browsing at malicious sites.

Avast was 1st with remote assistance module incorporated in the A/V engine.

Avast was 1st with Software Health Module that will check 3rd party applications for updates (Java, Flash, Acrobat) and provide a single button to “fix all”

Avast was 1st with streaming updates (fastest updating A/V company on earth, in as little as 5 minutes)

“On average, it took almost a month for antivirus products to update their detection mechanisms and spot the new viruses. And two of the products with the best detection rates — Avast and Emsisoft”  New York Times

Avast was 1st with file reputation database: Avast has the largest user base in the world, creating the world’s largest white list / black list database in the world

Avast was 1st A/V offering a “Freemium” antivirus for home users that provides the test laboratory for new technology to be debugged and refined prior to deployment in the business environment. This is critical for new versions of the Endpoint product to be mature (there is no free lunch, you just haven’t figured out how you paying yet!)

Avast was 1st A/V company to implement new features that were requested from customers and resellers (Global Exclusions was initiated by J.R.)

The avast! Small Office Administration console is the easiest and most intuitive A/V management console in the industry. Many customers convert to avast from other A/V vendors to get this console.

In a standalone environment, avast! self manages better than any other A/V product.

Avast! is always rated highly in all NON BIASED testing, such as AV Comparatives.

Avast! is the most configurable anti-virus, accepting extensive customization for many different environments (embedded, POS, etc)

Advantage Micro Corporation is the leader in USA sales and support of Avast software, and as a trusted Avast Distributor and Platinum Reseller, we have the expertise and technical know how that you’ll appreciate!

If you want to know more about the Avast Endpoint Protection products or Avast Antivirus wholesale opportunities, contact our Avast Sales and Support Specialists. They will guide you through the entire line of Avast products, and help you select the precise level of protection you need, and assist you in implementation (we will make your life easier!)

“JR provides something that is sadly rare these days – outstanding service! – JR is not only extremely knowledgeable about the products he sells & supports, but he also goes the extra mile to make sure everything is working well for you. JR has an in-depth knowledge of his products, and is capable of solving problems of any level of complexity, and if necessary has the contacts to get any problem escalated. Great job, JR!”

Nick Powell – Director of IT at AAII

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