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Advantage Micro Corporation is Tucson’s Trusted Source for Printer and Computer Repair for 40 years!

Technology changes daily, and with the wide variety of PCs, laptops and netbooks on the market, finding a repair service that is qualified to address all of your computing needs can be a challenge. Most computer generations now last only 3 months!

Don’t be fooled by the mass-marketed commercials. Those big box stores may offer computer repair and computer printer services in Tucson AZcomputer repair, but more often than not, their technicians have minimal training, and are more on par with a used car salesman! We pickup after these disasters quite regularly. We have learned from these customers, that these outfits only rely on a single senior technician that is remotely consulted with.  Too many jobs require a hands on with an experienced technician, so they are negligent in their duties, and many issues are just completely missed.  Also, they usually only target a few models they carry. Plus, they know they have the potential to make more money by selling you a new computer rather than fixing yours correctly, because they work toward the corporate bottom line.  Their hands are tied! I have heard them called geak frauds by their ex-clients!

Before you waste time and money on subpar, inexperienced service, let Advantage Micro Corporation be your one-stop shop for Tucson computer repair. Locally owned and operated, we’ve built our business by providing our friends and neighbors in the Tucson area with the very best in local computer repair.

“For the last 10 years, JR and his staff have taken are of our computer, online security and networking needs for both business and personal. JR is very passionate and knowledgeable about everything he does. When you walk out of his business there is never a doubt that you just been given the best advise and service a company can offer. Most business people I know have their work stations tucked away to prevent customer contact, but not JR, his office is up front for him to greet and advise customers.
 I highly recommend JR and his staff and they are my go to company.”

Don Wiggins – Branch Sales Manager at Terminix

We promise the highest quality service, delivered quickly, and with the personal touch of a company that knows our customers are the very foundation of our business. We aim to be the go-to source for Tucson’s local computer repair needs.

When choosing a local computer repair service, you want a company that has a proven track record of expertise and customer satisfaction.  We have 40 years of experience, and our committed technicians are ready to provide all of your computer, laptop, notebook and printer repair needs.

As a leading Tucson computer repair service, we appreciate the trust you place in us, and we welcome your business. Contact us today, and let Advantage Micro Corporation show you the value in choosing local and choosing loyal.