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One of the most common causes of computer failure is damage and corruption caused by unseen viruses and malware.  Viruses can turn a new computer into nothing more than an expensive paperweight. Viruses destroy files, corrupt processes, and ultimately put your personal information in the hands of Organized Crime. The problem with our interconnected world is that thousands of NEW digital threats emerge every single day, and spread like wildfire. Without a superior level of protection, you may find yourself at the mercy of an unexpected data loss or system failure.

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To protect your investment and your vital information, you need a comprehensive antivirus solution, such as Avast Endpoint Antivirus.

The recognized global leader in superior antivirus protection, Avast, offers a variety of options, including personal, business and even Avast Pro for MAC. As the only Avast Antivirus Distributor and Platinum Reseller in the USA, Advantage Micro Corporation can guide you to the perfect protection solution for your needs, and can provide you with ongoing service and support.

Beyond virus protection, this unique system also features tools such as Avast Antispam filter for Outlook that can keep your inbox free of unsolicited junk mail.

Avast Enterprise Antivirus (Avast Endpoint Protection Suite and Suite Plus) can help protect your servers, as well as your workstations. The Avast Enterprise Administration console (AEA) can manage tens of thousands of Windows systems. The Avast Small Office Administration console (SSOA) will manage up to 200 systems with a very simple, easy to use console that mimics the same settings of the client.  All of these management capabilities are available for free in every Avast Business Antivirus product.  We will help you achieve the complete managed protection package that your business needs.

At Advantage Micro Corporation, we understand that your computer and network are an investment, and because of this, you want to keep them safe from the countless threats that can damage or destroy them.

We know that selecting the right level of antivirus protection is essential, and we can help you find, install, and configure the exact Avast Antivirus solution to meet your needs.

Avast is the number one  installed antivirus program in every country around the world, and the Advantage Micro Corporation team has experienced firsthand its superior quality. We have supported Avast! for 11 years, and already know the answer to 95% of questions. If you would like to know more about Avast, and learn how we can help keep your network running at optimum performance, contact us today. 

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