ALL DRIVES FAIL! It’s a guarantee, like death and taxes! I’m dying, you’re dying, it’s dying!

This cutting-edge backup software allows you to make backup images of your hard drives to protect yourself from data loss due to hardware failure or even infections like Crypto Locker.  Locker kits sell for only $100 dollars on the underground forums, and Organized Crime then use these kits and demand RANSOME to get you files back! Acronis True Image is the system backup and restore solution you’ve been waiting for. After hard disk disaster, it allows you to restore your system to the exact point of your last backup.

Think about this: if you backup your PC, but the PC won’t start Windows, how do you restore your files, or Windows? This is exactly why Acronis True Image is the ultimate backup solution: it backs up personal files *plus* it backs up Windows, boot sectors, partition tables. It covers the whole kit and caboodle.  Also, you may even recovers files from your compressed backup images using Windows drop and drag features. Very few programs do this. Click here to read our full review of Acronis True Image including features, benefits.

We can get you running with Acronis completely by phone, or you can bring your computer to us and we’ll install and configure to a fully automated, unattended, disaster data recovery tucson solution.

Acronis True Image
Acronis Backup
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How to make an Acronis FULL image backup with Validation, step by step!/
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SAVE time and money when you purchase your license of AVAST!, ACRONIS and MALWAREBYTES through Advantage Micro (we recommend all three for all users!)  As a retailer / distributor, we offer you excellent discounts for multiple licenses for education, military, non-profit, government, and health related agencies. Simply call us and we’ll get you started with your  installation. We can either get you running with licensed protection completely by phone, you can bring your computer to us, or we’ll come to you!  “Blessed is the Pessimist, for he hath made backups!”